• I purchased an item, but did not receive an email confirmation. What do I do? Open or Close

    If you have placed an order and have not received an order confirmation email, please check to see if we have the correct email address associated with your account. To verify your email address, go to the Account Tab → My Profile.

    Note: We are unable to resend order confirmation emails. However, you can check the status of your order directly within the app by clicking on your Account Tab and selecting My Purchases.

  • Oops! I accidentally purchased an item. What should I do? Open or Close

    You may cancel your order through the app within 3 hours of the order being placed. To cancel an accidental purchase, click on your Account Tab → My Purchases → Problems/Order Inquiry → Accidental Purchase. Please note that once an order has been shipped, we will not be able to cancel it.

  • When can I expect to receive my order? Open or Close

    Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your order, as we allow our sellers up to 7 days to ship out their orders. However, the majority of our sellers ship their orders within 3 days of purchase. All orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail, which is delivered between 2-3 business days.

    After you place your order, we work behind the scenes with the seller to get your order to you as soon as possible. Typically, when a package is first scanned into the USPS mail stream, both you and the seller will receive an email providing you with tracking information.

  • I never received my order. What should I do? Open or Close

    You are protected every time you place an order on Shoe Junkyz. If your order never arrives, we'll refund you your payment.

    First, check to see if your order has shipped. You can do this by going to your Account Tab → My Purchases. Click on the item you purchased and check the order status. If your order hasn't shipped, we suggest you contact the seller by commenting on the listing.

    If your seller doesn't ship your order within 7 days of purchase, you have the option to cancel your order and get a full refund. You can do this by going to your Account Tab → My Purchases → Click on the item you purchased → Problems/Order Inquiry.

    If your order remains unshipped by the 21st day and has not been cancelled by you or the seller, we will automatically cancel the order on your behalf to ensure you receive your payment back.

    If your order has shipped but never arrived, please report this by going to your Account Tab → My Purchases → Click on the item you purchased → Problems/Order Inquiry.

  • What are the shipping rates on Shoe Junkyz? Open or Close

    Shoe Junkyz's standard shipping rate is $7.00 for all orders, regardless of price weighing between 0.5 - 5 lbs. This rate applies for orders to anywhere in the United States. Shipping is paid for by the buyer. All orders are shipped using US Postal Service 2-3 day Priority Mail.

  • My order was cancelled. When will I receive my refund? Open or Close

    When an order is cancelled, we process a full refund back to the original payment method right away.

    If you used a credit card, please note that we send the funds back to your bank within 2 business days of order cancellation, but the exact date that your bank posts it to your statement can vary depending on the bank. Please allow up to 1 full billing cycle for your bank to post your refund to your statement.

    If you used Posh Credits or Redeemable Balance, the funds will immediately return to your account at the time of order cancellation.

  • How do I track my purchase? Open or Close

    You can easily track your purchase by heading to the Shoe Junkyz app. On your profile page select Settings → My Purchases. Your purchases will be displayed on this page. Select the order you'll like to track and you can view the order status on this page. To view a detailed tracking list, either select the tracking code displayed in blue, or select the more button located towards top right →  Track Package.