• How do I view my Sales? Open or Close

    You can easily view your sales by heading to the Shoe Junkyz app. On your profile page select Settings → My Sales. All your sales will be displayed on this paged. You can toggle between your sales that are in progress and completed by using the switch located towards the top.

  • How Do I Edit An Item? Open or Close

    It's pretty simple to edit your listing. You can edit your listing at any time if it has not been sold.

    • Open the Shoe Junkyz App
    • Select your listing that you'll like to edit
    • Select the edit button located in the bottom right corner
    • Edit your listing
    • Select Post and Done! 


    You just successfully edited your listing.

  • How do I delete an item? Open or Close

    You can delete your listing at anytime if it has not been sold.

    • Open the Shoe Junkyz App
    • Select the posting you'll like to delete
    • Select the action button located towards the top right of the screen
    • Select the red button labeled "DELETE" 
    • All done! You have deleted a listing
  • How Do I Sell Items On Shoe Junkyz? Open or Close

    It's very easy to sell on Shoe Junkyz and pretty quick.

    • Open the Shoe Junkyz App
    • Select the blue camera button located at bottom
    • Snap a picture of the shoe's you're trying to sell
    • Crop the area of the photo you'll like to post
    • Add a title, description, category, size, brand, condition etc
    • Once you have completed all the required fields select POST and you have successfully posted your shoes
  • What is Shoe Junkyz Commission Rate? Open or Close

    We collect a 10% commission fee per shoes sold. This means you make 90% of what you list the item for.

    Once your item have sold will take care of the shipping by sending you a prepaid shipping label. For example, if you price an item at $100 and you receive $90 (we deduct $10 for commission). The buyer pays for shipping and we use that to process the shipping label and notify USPS of the package.

  • When Will I Get Paid? Open or Close

    We want you to feel the thrill of receiving payment just as quickly as you do! However, the item must first be delivered to the buyer.

    Shoe Junkyz will release proceeds from your purchase to you after the 3 day Customer Satisfaction Period has been met. Once the package is delivered, the buyer has 3 days to confirm whether or not he/she is happy with her purchase (Please note: although you are not required to accept a return on merchandise that does not fall under the category of FFF (Fake, Faulty, or Falsely Advertised merchandise), this provides buyer with the ability to dispute the purchase if the item is deemed one of the aforementioned).

    Once the 3 day Cusomter Satisfaction Period have passed we will notify you via Shoe Junkyz and Email about your new available balance.

  • Do You Ship Internationally? Open or Close

    Currently, Shoe Junkyz is only available to those living within the US.

  • How Do I Receive Payment? Open or Close

    Sellers accounts are credited after the merchandise is delivered to the buyer. You then are able to withdraw the money to your banking account. Simply go to your account Balance. Select continue, and add your bank account. Then select withdraw. 

    Depending on who you bank with. Transfer typically take 2 -3 business days to complete.

  • A Buyer Has Asked Me To Take A Transaction Offline. What Do I Do? Open or Close

    On occasion, a buyer may prompt a seller to conduct a transaction through means other than the Shoe Junkyz checkout page. This is against Shoe Junkyz Terms and Conditions and users that violate this policy are at risk for permanent account termination.

    There are some important things to know about the risks of conducting a transaction offline:

    • Buyers that do not use the Shoe Junkyz checkout page to purchase a shoe are not covered by our Buyer Protection Guarantee. This means that lost, damaged, misrepresented, or fraudulent purchases or sales will not be handled by Shoe Junkyz team and cannot be refunded, per the Buyer Protection Guarantee.
    • Your personal information is not protected if you provide contact information to a fraudulent seller.
    • Repeated conduct can result in account termination for both the buyer and seller.

    If a seller prompts you to conduct a transaction outside of Shoe Junkyz, please report them by contacting us.

  • Can I List My Shoes On Multiple Apps? Open or Close

    If an item listed is no longer available for purchase, please remove (delete) the listing from the site. If you mark the item as "SOLD" in the title or description, it will be removed from Shoe Junkyz.

    Please ensure that any items that you list for sale are indeed available for sale. If you list an item in your closet, but it sells somewhere else, you are required to immediately remove (delete) it. If any such item sells and you cannot ship it to the buyer because it had already sold anywhere else, it's a very bad experience for the buyer. In such cases, we might require you to compensate the buyer, and take additional measures, including suspending your account.

    Some users tend to mark some items that sell elsewhere by just adding the word "SOLD" in the item title. Please note that this is not acceptable, and such items are subject to removal from Shoe Junkyz.

  • How do I Ship My Order? Open or Close

    Once your order sells you will receive a prepaid order shipping label from us. Once you receive the label take your order to your local USPS to ship the order. We will monitor the package for tracking updates and notify the buyer as updates are made.